Gear-Wheel Designer
with GCode Generator

  • This design solution from Graham Baxter easily designs the tooth form.
  • Handles BOTH internal and external spur gear designs as well as clock-type gears.
  • No need to create gears in CAD then export to a GCode Generator. Saves time!
  • This software creates a tool path file for a CNC mill.
  • Makes a DXF file for verification.
  • The program output is in standard GCode format and without modification is read by standard viewers.

A dead-beat escape wheel in 16 gauge brass, cut with a 1mm carbide end mill.
Full control of all design parameters like spokes and hub diameter means
you can easily generate beautiful custom clock-type wheels too!

New Version 3.026

April 2021

Features an innovative approach and a complete re-write that
includes sample designs for involute, cycloidal,
chainwheel, deadbeat, ratchet, recoil and toothbelt gears.

Now includes file generation for a local printer,
GCode or even 3D AMF files !

New features for this version include spokes for clock type wheels, clock escape wheels and ratchet wheels (Dead-Beat, Ratchet and Anchor styles). You can now save and load individual wheel settings from the system menu. You can now zoom in and out of the preview with the mouse wheel and drag the picture around to suit your specific needs.

New toolbar includes:
Variable Sequence of Operations
Supplementary Holes
Single tooth inspection
and more!

Physical samples of gears printed on 3D printer. Gear Wheel Designer cna print to your local printer, output files as standard GCode or AMF 3D !

AMF files created by Gear Wheel Designer as viewed on third party viewing utility.

This application is an aid to the design of simple spur gears using either involute or cycloidal tooth form. It shows a preview of the tooth form or the whole wheel. It generates a simple DXF file useful for CAD package import. This software also generates an ISO CNC mill file.

The program will interact by regenerating whenever you alter a design parameter. Manually generated values will be activated when you press return. Check boxes and radio buttons will cause a regeneration immediately. The program regenerates the wheel with every new GCode and DXF file.

If you set the cutter diameter to zero, you get a drawing of the actual wheel.


Click here for a Free download of the Gear Wheel Designer
and GCode Generator Software help file

Windows may mark the downloaded file as blocked. To release it, right click the file,
select 'Properties' and on the 'General' page click 'Unblock'

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System Requirements

Your computer needs to be running
Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 or Win10.